PVCu, Composite & Timber Doors from Just Home Improvements

    Doors are welcoming to the friend and daunting to the foe. They provide warmth and security, an opening, a friendly face. They set the scene to what lies beyond. They are the point of hello and goodbye. The door greets you when you first enter a building and its the sound of a door shutting behind you as you move on.

    The elegance of a house is reflected in the elegance of the front door. Our range solid timber and PVCu doors are all tailor made to your individual requirements to enhance the beauty of your home or workplace. Like our windows we pride ourselves in the quality and craftsmanship which is utilised within all our door products. This leads to a range of doors which not only look good but will be as strong and secure in the future as they are on the day they are first installed.

    The door is used many times a day to both welcome and vacate a property. The door has also many other roles, whilst being a barrier to the unwelcome, the door needs to be strong, friendly, welcoming and weather tight.

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